The centrepiece of this project is the installation of the “Listening Posts” displayed along the section of the trail between Chantry Wood and The Silent Pool. The posts will be put in place on the 23rd of May 2017, and they will remain in these locations for approximately six months.

And to make things a little easier I have included the titles and grid references.

  1. Whitzibu. – TQ 01064 48385
  2. Mud. – TQ 01900 48408
  3. Headlights. – TQ 02362 48337
  4. Char. – TQ 03288 48449
  5. Overheard//Misheard. – TQ 04286 49112
  6. Smith. – TQ 05375 49236
  7. The Woodcutter.  – TQ 06117 49144

The seven “Listening Posts” have been made using beech plywood. I created the designs and had them laser engraved by the good people at LaserCutWorks. The boards have been sealed using a mixture of almond oil and beeswax to protect them from the elements for the duration of the project.