Field Recordings

*Headphones Recommended*

This page contains some of the field recordings I’ve made on the trail. Unlike the Soundwalks, most of these are static recordings. However, some clips of the soundwalks feature here too (towards the end of the list).

My approach to recording is to keep things simple. I wasn’t so concerned about making high-fidelity recordings – I’m more interested in the act of paying attention, in listening, and in following the simple textures of recorded environmental sound – as well as the movements between different sounds.

I firmly believe that you can record interesting things without professional equipment – on phones or old walkmans or minidisc players – and I’ve made some of my favourite field recordings that way in the past. For this project, I’ve used a Zoom H4n recorder. Most of the time I’ve used the built-in microphones on the Zoom, and I sometimes connected my Rode NTG2.

A few of the recordings have been made using a hydrophone. These recordings were made beneath the Silent Pool, where the water really did live up to its name. Despite the fact that I had the trout swimming quite close, you need to listen carefully to hear anything. But there are noises there if you pay attention (and wear headphones).

I prefer not to alter or edit my recordings after they are made, but I do add fades at the beginnings and endings of the tracks. My recorder is usually set on a tripod, or held in my hand.

Hello Jackdaws

Lowing Cow Choir and a Fog Horn?

The Rain Begins

Woodland Soundscape near Newlands Corner

Wasps and Plane

View from the Bridge at St Catherine’s (with a bit too much wind)

The Squirrel to my left

The not so Silent Pool

The not so Silent Pool 2

Passing Strangers and a Rattling Dog

Horns, Horses, Hounds, and the Crow has Something to Say

Disturbing the Wood Pigeons

Carving Up the Limbs of Giants

Buzzards, Magpies and Crows

A Hissing Recorder and a Hungry Horse

Something is Hiding

Sitting Among the Bluebells

Silent Pool One

Silent Pool Two

Silent Pool Three

A Runner in Spring

Planes and Pheasants

Magpie Salon

The Organ on the Hill


Horses on Leave(s)


Chasing the Wind

April Walk

A Signal

Digging Through the Limestone

Punners and Spades

Flint and Clay for Smith

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