This page contains the soundwalks that have been recorded on the trail during the past few months. These are dynamic recordings, documenting the walk itself. They are each contained on videos, which show the progress of the walk as an animated red dot moving across the map. The map used is an open source one, called Open Street Map.

There are soundwalks here from December, January, February, March, and April, with each page containing a (very) short reflection on each one. These are long recordings, mostly of the sound of my steps, as well as the various sound encounters that happen along the way. They encourage a slow listening experience, designed to be listened to with headphones, or set to play as part of the ambience of the room.


This recording was made on a frosty morning in early December 2016. It’s the only recording to feature the sound of frost. Keep an ear out for the organ music as I pass the church of St. Martha’s…


I think from all my visits along the trail this walk contained the fewest people. It was a misty, damp sort of a day, which might not have appealed to many people. You can really notice the difference in texture in the sound of my steps between December and January.


My favourite soundwalk so far, I think. I recorded on a day when there was a cross country race going through the forest, so there’s a real dynamism in the recording when the runners approach, aching and panting, and sloshing through the mud. At one point the horses in one of the fields started to gallop, which was quite beautiful to hear as well as to see.


The windiest soundwalk of the collection. It really began to batter me towards the end, causing a bit of clipping to the recording. Towards the middle section the sound of the wind through the ivy sounds great though.


Definitely more bird song in this one. Lots of clucking pheasants, crying buzzards, and at one point I come across a nest of baby robins.