About the Project…

SurreySoundscapes: From Chantry Wood to The Silent Pool

This project is dedicated to the sounds and soundscapes of the North Downs Way. It is a collection of field recordings, soundwalks, essays, flash fiction, and poetry, centred on the section of the North Downs Way between Chantry Wood and the Silent Pool. The installation consists of a series of site-specific texts displayed on wooden ‘Listening Posts’ – complete with QR codes linked to some of the field recordings on this website. The installation will be displayed for approximately six months from the 23rd of May 2017.

The inspiration for SurreySoundscapes began with the recent project to map the North Downs Way trail using Google’s Trekker camera. The legacy of the Google project allows anyone on the internet to see the sights and landscapes from trail using Google’s Street View.

While this is a fantastic achievement, I couldn’t help but feel like something had been left out…

The experience of walking in nature is not just a visual one. It involves all of our senses. And it is sound that’s been the focus of this project, both through the act of recording the environment, and through the promotion of listening, in all its forms.

* All text, recordings, photographs, opinions, mistakes, and typos are the work of SurreySoundscapes and its author. This project has been made possible with the help of TECHNE, Surrey Hills Arts, and the North Downs Way.